DevOps Services

Application development is no more a made to order delivery model. The present day pace of technical advancement calls for IT companies to churn out applications of multiple configurations and unique features at a rapid pace with zero downtime.

More and more enterprises are headed towards a hybrid model of IT which involves traditional on-premise data centers, public cloud, private cloud and consumption of domain specific Software as a Service & Platform as a Service capabilities. Hybrid model also poses the same kind of challenges discussed with some of the new architectural trends. How do you manage releases across so many disparate entities and providers? A centralized DevOps strategy can help mitigate issues posed in a hybrid model to a large extent.

That being said, there are deeper issues, which enterprises face on a daily basis while enabling a DevOps solution for their project. Questions like- How to on-board the DevOps platform? What elements of automation are already available vs ones that’ll need to be newly created? What will be the roles and responsibilities of current team members in a DevOps world?

Development and Operations disconnect

The disconnect of skills and temperament between your coders and backend operations specialists is not new. While that is true, technology is moving with an unstoppable pace. In case of a breakdown, both the entities face a common wall. To resolve this lockdown, Inteliit creates a holistic environment, a culture of DevOps, that houses the skills abilities of both Development and Operations under a single solution suite.

The Inteliit Advantage

Although DevOps is commonly available as a tool, at Inteliit we create a fruitful ecosystem for Development and Operations capabilities to coexist and help you reach your business goals faster without any downtime.

At Inteliit, our expert consultants team up with you to help you develop full scale applications with all the necessary customisation and with a sound risk analysis to give you the required edge over your competitors.

As a dedicated practitioner of Agile methodology and DevOps solutions, we have a long history of approaching product development as an integrated whole, enabling us to accelerate our customers’ time-to-market while ensuring high levels of quality.

Leveraging both automation tools and highly trained DevOps teams, we provide DevOps consulting services to help our customers adapt to an environment where software is delivered as a continuously evolving digital service.

DevOps services at Inteliit is our core offering under the Cloud Infrastructure service category enabling clients with:


  • Infrastructure as a Code: Your infrastructure is managed as a code to minimize cycle times and versioning environments
  • Continuous Integration: Small and frequent changes are constantly pushed out to a shared repository rather than periodically. Frequent iterations are done in the codes to keep your system in sync with the latest technology without losing out on the awesomeness of it.
  • Continuous Deployment: Every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production, automatically, resulting in many production deployments every day.
  • Automation: End to end triggered automation for faster processing, least dependency, and higher accuracy


Our team of experienced systems engineers, server administrators, and developers provide a range of services that help keep your infrastructure working efficiently. We incorporate DevOps philosophy into our workflow through version control, continuous integration and delivery, automated testing, and performance monitoring. After development, we host and support your project to ensure long-term success.


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