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Why do you still give visiting cards when you can simply share your credentials via email or WhatsApp? Why do brands invest in posters, brochures, hoardings, inserts, in-store collaterals, merchandise or event collaterals?

In this fast paced world of digital communications, it is a common myth that print communications and brand collaterals are no more necessary. While stunning visuals entice the visual senses, beautifully designed and crafted print collaterals add a physical proof and tangibility factor to your brand communications.

Print and digital do not have to have an adversarial relationship. In truth, you should be using them in combination to achieve your goals. While it’s true that digital offers several advantages—such as the ability to reach an extraordinarily broad audience with minimal cost and measure that reach—true engagement with digital is usually a matter of discovery.

Print can overcome that limitation and allow you to drive targeted traffic to a website or another digital platform. Business cards are one of the best examples of print’s potential for encouraging online engagement. Today, it would be very unlikely for you to receive a business card that doesn’t have a website or at least an email address printed on it.

Print marketing collateral such as business cards and flyers is a still valuable aspect of marketing and business. In fact, print often provides legitimacy to businesses, individuals and start-ups. Consumers and other businesses recognise that money is commitment.

By producing print collateral, you demonstrate to potential clients, colleagues and business partners that you are willing to invest in your business. Beyond that, print elements also offer a tangible experience: handing someone a business card can make a much deeper impression than if you simply refer them to your website.


The Inteliit Print Studio


Inteliit specialises in high precision, superior quality printing of Business Cards, Exhibition Stands, Flyers, Folders, Letterheads, Magazine Design, Packaging and Paper Engineering, Posters, Wedding Invitations and Stationery.