Web Development Services

Website – An information deck or a delightful experience?


Web applications are the anchor points of winning over your consumers. They are no more a trivial aggregation of information on the internet or a user interface in a complete system.  Today, with technology at the center stage of every functionality in day to day life, your web assets are the anchor of your brand. A well-designed website or a web application that offers superlative experience to your customers is the first step towards winning them over!


The Inteliit Advantage


Working with Inteliit gives you extra brownie points because every solution that we house, is tailor-made and customised according to your needs. Whether you need to build a custom web application from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, our open source and customised CMS helps you achieve your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


  • Superlative Visual Experience


Web development is a fruitful mix of design and technology that drives the business for your brand. Scintillating design, seamless flow of content, cross platform and cross device supportive are the basic requirements of the website for you. With a collective expertise of over 50 years, our team of developers, UI/UX designers, and web architects build such profitable solutions for you on a day to day basis.


  • Scalable Architecture


We understand your need for constant customization and upgrade for your website to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Hence, we use highly flexible and robust tools like Amazon Web Services, Drupal CMS, PHP, Python, JAVA, Node.js, Angular, PHP, Drupal, Perl, .Net and customized shopping cart solutions to make your products pop.


We know the importance of a firm architectural design and its constant interaction with your business processes. Keeping this in mind, our web development experts design customized and robust solutions to ensure that you gain business excellence over your competitors at both strategic and operational level.


  • Robust and adaptable


Web applications at Inteliit draw upon modern technologies like Agile methodology coupled with best practices and wisdom of big market players to design, launch, operate and evolve a wide range of applications. These applications range from social networks and content delivery systems to e-science and machine learning solutions while maintaining performance and scalability.


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PHP Web Development

PHP is powering nearly 70% of websites. It has come up as the most prime & widely used server-side language, which is the proper option for feature-rich website development!


.Net Development

Inteliit empowers businesses with modern .NET applications, powered by over a decade of experience in .NET application development. We create modern .NET business applications.


Java Web Development

Java is one of the most popular open source languages globally. It is a platform independent, architecture neutral, multi-threaded, high performance programming language.


CMS Development

CMS development simply allow you to manage your website the way you want to manage your content. The content of your website is something which helps you improve your popular search engine rankings and also the front end look of the website.

E-Commerce Development

People is having busy lifestyle and so they prefer online e-commerce portals rather than off-line market and stores due to time issue. Lots of online B2B and B2C based websites are getting developed every day and are getting good responses from people.


JavaScript Development

Inteliit is a prominent Web & App development company having highly-motivated JavaScript developers and programmers. We provide the best JavaScript development services to assist companies looking for outsourcing.