Workload Migration Services

The market is moving toward an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world. More than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies before 2016, according to analyst firm IDC. At the same time, many organizations are embracing or looking to improve their “multi-vendor” sourcing strategies.


Organisations today are rapidly moving to cloud environments to increase agility, compete more effectively, and replace outdated data centers and applications. But migrating enterprise applications comes with risks of delays and service interruptions and requires a full understanding of connectivity and performance issues. Deciding what to move and where to move it can take months or even years.


Migrating workload to the cloud environment depends on:


  • Whether a given application will perform effectively in the cloud
  • Whether investing in infrastructure would be cost-effective
  • Whether the performance, availability and security of the applications would be affected


We make your Workload Migration as smooth and secure with no hassles, no roadblocks. Rigid architecture and cutting edge technology from Inteliit for a seamless migration to cloud.


The Inteliit Advantage


Inteliit offers a proven  and hassle-free methodology for migrations of workloads. Our Workload Migration Suite offers multiple “legacy to Cloud” and “Cloud to Cloud” migration options including native migration for simple / standard workloads  or automated migration for complex migration projects.


How it Works?


Cloud migration is a wholesome team effort. It is a multifunctional approach involving contribution from the Management, Data and Information, Architecture and Cyber Security teams. At Inteliit, all your resource shortfalls are taken care of with our skilled and experienced team at highly reasonable costs!


Workload Migration to Cloud at Inteliit is carried out in multiple exhaustive and detailed steps to ensure clean, effective and complete data migration without causing any loss or data breakage.


  • Identification and categorisation of Data that needs to be migrated
  • Mapping company data for security classification
  • Data security reviews at the Cloud Service Providers’ end
  • Authorisation and Authentication
  • Migration and transfer of data within the rules and regulations
  • Adding all the necessary security measures in place to avoid privacy violations
  • Evaluation of migration of the impact on the company’s business process.




  • Optimum use and allocation of resources
  • Reduced operational costs with high return on investment
  • Rapid application implementation and deployment
  • Easily expandable storage and flexible data management
  • Airtight security with round the clock security patch updates
  • Skilled and experienced workforce to help you manage the Migration process without any hassles
  • Post migration support


And that’s just few of the many things that we offer!


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