Enterprise Application Development

Why do you need Enterprise Applications?

Enterprise applications are revolutionising the way businesses work and how they interact with their customers, their markets etc. For growing businesses, applications are important in meeting rapidly evolving needs of a workforce. However, some organisations still have trouble figuring out how useful these tools can be.


Enterprise applications help businesses improve their productivity and efficiency. Think about this, if you arm your workforce with tools that will make their tasks easier, getting work done faster, is no more just a distant vision. Technology and especially mobile has taken the world by storm, and everything, right from communications to commerce is now ruled by mobile.


With the internet, especially mobile internet now a way of life, businesses are going overboard developing enterprise apps. A 2015 Gartner survey reveals 79% of enterprises increase their mobile spending by 36%. These numbers are increasing every year and for good reasons.


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Enterprise Resource Planning


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Customer Relationship Management


Business Intelligence


HR Management


Enterprise Marketing Management


Business Continuity Planning

The Inteliit Advantage


Enterprise Apps built by Inteliit are equipped with features that ensure full functionality and support to the user, end to end. Right from giving an enriching user experience to making your day to day processes simpler, Enterprise Apps from Inteliit promise a holistic experience.


Looking for Enterprise Apps Services that suit the versatile nature of your work? Enterprise Apps from Inteliit are robust to suit every rigorous usage and process type.



Need apps that meet the needs of multiple business units and is scalable to every stretch? With Enterprise Apps from Inteliit, you have nothing to worry about.



Enterprise Apps from Inteliit are made with tools like EC2, VPC, S3, Cloudfront, Lambda, Step Function, RDS, DynamoDB, EMR, Redshift making them secure and foolproof.

In Enterprise Application Services, we pursue the development of business-critical applications, which we generally make available to a large number of users. Simultaneous and homogenous development, ease of maintenance, performance and requirements for stable operation all have high demands concerning the application architecture which serves as the basis for development of high-quality enterprise solutions.

Our expertise is the combination of sustainable application architectures with state-of-the-art Java Enterprise technologies and complete with technology and architecture advice, reviews, mentoring and implementation.


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